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How to request your lessons

Congratulations on securing an ADI Network driving lessons voucher. Now let's match you with a local instructor and get you on your way!

First, we need to know about your voucher.

Now we need to know who you are, and how you can be contacted.

Please enter your driving licence number. This is to verify that you hold a valid UK provisional licence.

Don't have a provisional licence yet? Apply here for your provisional licence
Do you have a non-UK licence? Information on driving with a non-UK licence

Please enter the address from which you will be taking lessons. This MUST either be the home address on your licence, or your term-time address if you are at university or college.

The following information is required to help us find you a suitable instructor.

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If you have a question regarding your voucher, visit our help page where we have answered frequently asked questions.

What is the ADI Network?

At the ADI Network, we have brought together a collection of the UK's finest driving instructors, ready to help you on your journey to freedom and beyond.

The 'ADI' part of our name stands for 'Approved Driving Instructor'. All instructors within our national network have been vetted to ensure they are fully qualified to help you learn to drive and are registered with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Our aim is to provide you with a safe and cost-effective way to begin your learning journey by assigning you to a local driving instructor that has been verified.

ADI Network Terms & Conditions: The (not so) small print

Please read the following voucher redemption and booking conditions and ensure you're comfortable with them before you attempt to request your lessons, as you will be bound by them. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email to

  1. Lessons must begin from the home address as stipulated on your provisional driving licence, or from your term-time address if you are at university or college, unless otherwise agreed with the instructor to whom you are assigned.
  2. We will endeavour to match you with a local ADI Network-registered driving instructor that currently has availability to take on new students. Should an instructor not be immediately available, we will retain your details until an instructor becomes available. Alternatively, you may seek a refund from the voucher vendor.
  3. Your voucher entitles you to four hours of tuition, which must be taken over the course of two lessons, each with a 2-hour duration, unless otherwise agreed with your instructor.
  4. We aim to fulfil your voucher redemption in the quickest possible time. However, in some instances responses from instructors take longer. We therefore request that you redeem your voucher as far in advance as possible before you wish to begin your tuition. We cannot expedite bookings required at short notice.
  5. Due to potential lead time in securing an instructor for you, we strongly recommend that you redeem your voucher no later than five days prior to the expiry date to avoid the risk of lapse. We reserve the right to decline any voucher redeemed after the expiry date, or you may be required to pay your instructor at their standard rate for your initial lessons.
  6. Your licence needs to be verified prior to commencement of any lessons with your assigned instructor. It is the pupil's responsibility to set up and provide their assigned instructor with a "licence check code". Licence check codes can be obtained via the following link:
  7. This offer is available to new drivers only with 5 or less hours of experience. Failure to disclose any prior driving experience, or make a false disclosure of any kind shall deem the offer void, may result in a lesson being terminated without refund or charged at the instructor's full rate.
  8. All other events are subject to your allocated instructor's own terms and conditions. We recommend that you request these and review them prior to commencement of your first lesson, before any cancellation terms are enforced. ADI Network is not obliged to resolve any disputes with your instructor once allocation has occurred, and any reallocation or refunds are actioned on a wholly discretionary basis.
  9. Following delivery of your first 4 hours of tuition, your instructor's standard hourly rate will apply. This may be up to £30 per hour, so please check with your allocated instructor prior to your first lesson.
  10. Each learner driver is entitled to register ONE voucher. Please do not buy more than one voucher, as they will not be accepted.
  11. Lessons delivered by the allocated instructor are designed for complete beginner drivers and will cover subjects including cockpit drill, moving off & stopping and basic junctions. Progress through each subject is entirely dependent on the instructor’s assessment of the student’s competency. If you require more advanced tuition, you may pay the instructor at their standard rate and/or seek a refund for your voucher.
  12. In the event of circumstances beyond the instructor’s control, they reserve the right to cancel or rearrange the lesson at short notice.
  13. All bookings are provisional until confirmed by the instructor you are allocated.
  14. Instructors reserve the right to refuse to take on a pupil.
  15. A minimum of 48 hours is required for any cancellation of a lesson by a pupil. Failure to provide such notice shall result in the forfeiture of your voucher and a requirement to pay the instructor for the cancelled/missed lesson at their full lesson rate.
  16. If a pupil is running late for a lesson, they must inform the instructor as soon as possible. After waiting for 15 minutes, the lesson is deemed to have been cancelled, the full lesson rate due and the voucher forfeited with no refund due.
  17. If the lesson can be rearranged within the current Monday – Sunday week, then the late fee may be waived at the sole discretion of the instructor.
  18. Registering your voucher with ADI Network DOES NOT constitute redemption of your voucher. Your voucher is only considered to have been redeemed once you have been successfully placed with an instructor. It is therefore your responsibility to monitor your voucher’s expiry date and to seek a refund from the voucher vendor prior to its expiry. No refund will be provided for an expired voucher, whether it has been registered with us or not.
  19. Failure to respond to an assigned instructor who has attempted to schedule lessons, shall result in the instructor being de-allocated from you. ADI Network shall be seen as having completed the instruction requested in assigning an instructor and your voucher marked as void.